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  • NM

    I think the idea is brilliant and the product is an aesthetic hit. Bravo!

  • GR

    A crazy idea and a really fantastic game!!! I couldn't stop being amazed...! Hats off!!!

  • IW

    We can hardly believe what beauty lies within these squares.

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Not just another mobile game...

...but an invention with a vision. Extend your collection of audio memories with your own ideas! You can create as many games you like directly in the klang² App!

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Create your own games!

Join us on our musical journey!

Create your own games with the game creator and easily share them with friends and family. A personalized sound memo is the perfect gift!

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Who we are

Sebastian Oberlin

Sebastian Oberlin, born in 1980 in San Francisco, CA, learned to play the violin at the age of 4. After training as a violin maker in Milan, he runs his own studio in Freiburg, Germany. His path crossed with Adrian on a walk in the forest in 2017...

Adrian Rennertz

Adrian Rennertz is a media artist, musician and programmer from Ulm.
After studying media informatics in Cologne, he first worked  in Berlin before moving to Freiburg where he turned his favorite project klang² into his main job.

  • Ellie Lutz

    Online shop management + customer support + photography

  • Polina Oberlin

    Communication + social media

  • Eli Watts

    Production + Quality Control

  • Oliver Wangler

    Kunden Service + Versand