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  • NM

    I think the idea is brilliant and the product is an aesthetic hit. Bravo!

  • GR

    A crazy idea and a really fantastic game!!! I couldn't stop being amazed...! Hats off!!!

  • IW

    We can hardly believe what beauty is in these squares.

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Not just another mobile game...

...but an invention with a vision. Imagine a games collection with hundreds of games from all over the world. That's what we are working on.

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Schöpfe eigene Kreationen!

Komm mit auf unsere musikalische Reise!

Erstelle deine eigenen Spiele mit unserer Klangwerkstatt und teile Sie ganz einfach mit Freunden und Familie. Ein individualisiertes Klangmemo ist das perfekte Geschenk!

klang² kaufen

Who we are

Sebastian Oberlin

Sebastian Oberlin, born in 1980 in San Francisco, CA, learned to play the violin at the age of 4. After training as a violin maker in Milan, he runs his own studio in Freiburg, Germany. His path crossed with Adrian on a walk in the forest in 2017...

Adrian Rennertz

Adrian Rennertz is a media artist, musician and programmer from Ulm.
After studying media informatics in Cologne, he first worked  in Berlin before moving to Freiburg where he turned his favorite project klang² into his main job.

  • Ellie Lutz

    Online shop management + customer support + photography

  • Polina Oberlin

    Communication + social media

  • Eli Watts

    Production + Quality Control

  • Oliver Wangler

    Kunden Service + Versand