Classical composers

Hey, do I know that song? This is Mozart! Or is it Beethoven? Find out!

You hear a violin. It plays the beginning of a well-known melody. Where is the second part of that melody? Find it and you will experience the sound of a symphony orchestra playing the first 25 seconds of the piece. The couple is yours and it's your turn again!

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nursery rhymes

All my ducklings are baking cakes, dancing, or still asleep...

Children immediately hear which pieces are involved, even if the melodies are only played for one or two bars by the piano. Whoever uncovers a pair gets to hear the whole nursery rhyme including singing and piano accompaniment. Of course you are welcome to sing along :)

animal sounds

How is the cat doing? Exactly: Meow! And the cow? Moo!

In this game, a pair consists of an animal sound and the name of the animal. Find out which animal sound belongs to which animal!

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scale trainer

The scale trainer is a special game: the task is to sort the tones of a scale according to their pitch. To do this, you take any 8 sound squares from the set, or 13 if you selected the chromatic scale. Lay them out in a line on the table. Place a sound square on the NFC reader. A tone sounds. This is the start of your new series. Place the next sound square. Is the tone higher or lower? Put it in the right place in your new row. How many moves does it take you to arrange the sound squares according to their pitch?

Countries & Capitals

Paris? France! England? London! But Windhoek? Match the countries to their capitals.

In this game, a pair consists of a country and a capital. When the country and the capital go together, the country's national anthem is played.

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bird voices

What kind of bird is that singing so beautifully?

This game is about bringing together two recordings of a song or call from a bird. As a reward, the bird sings, accompanied by the surrounding bird concert.

Many thanks to dr. Ralf Martin for the sound and image recordings.


Every year again!

As if you were walking in the pedestrian arcade in December. Christmas carols sound from a flute and suddenly Christmas is not that far away. Put the melodies together and, if you succeed, hear the whole Christmas song accompanied by a trio of vocals, viola and violin.

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"Whoever digs a pit for others catches the worm!"

...or something like that

The aim of this game is to put the two pieces of a proverb that has been cut in half back together.

Heavenly octaves

Wait, where was the sound again?

A tough nut to crack: find two tones of the same pitch. A great workout for the best ears.

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Nursery Rhymes

Discover children's songs in English and French!

The melodies may already be familiar to many, but the musical interpretation is full of styles from the 21st century. Find two matching parts and the respective song will be heard with vocals and band.

Artist: Tony Green

The classical guitar

Enchanting pieces for guitar, beautifully performed by David Sick.

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Der Pingpongball, der Pingpongball!

Klangsalat fordert von allen Spielern die volle Aufmerksamkeit. 6 Klänge auf einem Klangquadrat, und auf dem nächsten wieder 6.

Welcher Klang war denn jetzt auf beiden Klangquadraten?


Wieviele Sprachen Sprichst du? Nur fünf? Dann wird es Zeit für das Vielsprachspiel!

Lerne Wortpaare in zehn verschiedenen Sprachen:

Englisch, Deutsch, Französsich, Arabisch, Koreanisch, Russisch, Spanisch, Chinesisch, Schwedisch und Italienisch.

Kultur im Quadrat

Märchenerzählen, Lieder der Arbeiterbewegung, Orgelmusik/Orgelbau und die Schwäbisch-Alemannische Fasnacht.

In Kooperation mit dem Institut für empirische Kulturwissenschaft der Universität Freiburg ist ein bemerkenswertes Spiel entstanden: 4 Beispiele des von der Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission ausgezeichneten Immateriellen Kulturerbes wurden von Studierenden selbstständig erforscht und mit hohem kreativen Aufwand klanglich erlebbar gemacht.


Ausgewählte Stücke der Klavierliteratur, wunderbar eingespielt von Brigitte Helbig. Zum Eintauchen und sich verlieren.


Blaukraut bleibt Blei…Kreide…Brei!

Bei diesem Spiel geht es darum, die beiden Teile eines Zungenbrechers, das in der Mitte durchgeschnitten wurde, wieder zusammenzusetzen.


Werde zun Spielauthor und erstelle Deine eigenen Klangmemos!

Come play with us!

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